Terms of Service

This website is not an offer to provide services and I reserve the right to decline any project at anytime without reason.

Acceptance of my quote acts as acceptance also of these terms.


Quotes are valid for 28 days from date of issue.

50% deposit is required to secure my services. This is covered by a money back guarantee. See full terms for details.

Design Service – I am a freelance cartoonist and logo designer and as such I may have various clients projects in progress at any one time. Each client is equally important to me.

I provide all cartoon art work in web and print ready formats as image files forwarded via the Internet. File types are available as follows: jpg, png, pdf, svg and eps . Please let me know the dimensions of any art work you require and the file format desired when you provide your brief. If you require file types different to the above please ask if this is possible before ordering.


Contact Form

Email: creativeblogger@aol.com

Communications are dealt with 7 days a week via email / phone. No client meetings / lunches I’m afraid … I just don’t have the time. I provide services to clients around the world so please believe me when I reassure you a face-face meeting is not required.Thank you for your understanding in this regard.

Deadlines – Single Cartoons and designs are generally completed within 2-10 days unless otherwise stated at the time of ordering. I will inform you if I can meet your deadline for submission when I provide you with a quote. Thus far all deadlines have been met. Please note that deadlines are stipulated assuming prompt feedback from the client when designs are submitted.

Review period and Re-drafts and money back guarantee
Minor revisions and changes are part of the process of determining your aesthetic, so do not be afraid to request revisions. I am happy to work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. However if after a revision process of 20 days from the date of ordering if you feel I can not meet your aesthetic, you may request a refund of your deposit. So far no refunds have been requested.

If you alter the brief radically once work has commenced an additional fee for changes may be charged at 25% of the overall rate. Thus far no additional fees have been charged.

Note – How I work to your benefit

I often present clients with a finished image as a draft to review as oppose to pencil drafts. I do this because I believe it gives the client a better idea of the finished result. Edits can still be achieved as I create each item in a picture as a separate image (time-consuming but there is method in my madness). This enables me to edit and move things around more easily if a client wants changes. I don’t do this in all cases, just where I believe it will be most helpful. For this reason I don’t provide clients with multiple pencil versions of an idea. It is time-consuming and todate it hasn’t proved necessary. Anything that consumes time has to be added into cost, doing things my creative way you get a better quality draft to examine and your deadline is ensured.

Copyright and Licensing- I grant my clients the right of an exclusive licence to use the designs and illustrations I create for them in whatever capacity they desire. This does not include selling the design on. Under the law I will always be the creator of the work and own copyright as a result. I retain all rights  for all designs until payment is received in full and for all rejected draft designs.

I generally submit designs and art work as low resolution files with a watermark when in draft form and only release them as larger higher quality files without a watermark when the client is 100% satisfied with the design and full payment is received.

Publishing my work – I often publish clients cartoons and designs as samples of my work with a copyright notice for prospective clients to view on my websites and social networking sites.

Proofing images

It is your responsibility to check the final images for any imperfection you may not be happy about, prior to forwarding for printing. It is good practice to ask your printer to print a sample paper copy for you to ensure you’re happy with the quality of the image before proceeding with printing. If there is anything you remain unhappy about it is therfore not too late to raise the matter before any printing expense is incurred.

Payment Terms

50% deposit is required to secure my services.

The balance of the quoted fee must be received in full via PayPal within 72hrs of confirming the final design is satisfactory. When payment is received in full I will forward the image files via the Internet.

Amendments to Terms

These terms are not exhaustive and additional terms may be advised upon receipt of your request for services, they may also change at any time without notice.

Website and Privacy Terms

Article: How cartoonists fees are determined

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