NEW! Unique Kawaii Gifts for Girls – PinkyP

I am pleased to introduce my latest character KAWAII PINKYP.

kawaii pinkypPinkyP is a super cute kawaii cartoon girl with (in the main) gorgeous puffy curly pink hair. Hence the name – PinkyP!

She is a chibi style cartoon girl and as such has that super cute appearance that is so desirable in all kawaii characters. Kawaii for the uninitiated is ‘cute or adorable’ in Japanese culture and the term is now part of popular culture worldwide.

PinkyP loves sub-culture fashion and as such you will see her featured in all manner of wonderful styled clothing which all have one thinkawaii girlg in common , kawaii! All her outfits are super cute. PinkyP’s latest fashion interest is Kawaii Lolita fashion which is very big in Japan and growing in the states and worldwide. It’s a fashion for older girls who wish to be cute, modest and demure. There are lots of sub-sets of the Lolita fashion culture, some of which I hope to cover with PinkyP. I don’t adhere strictly to all the rules of these fashion sub sets as I believe putting your own ‘self’ into your style, is all important. I hope you enjoy Fashion Diva PinkyP and follow her through her fashion travels.

cute_goth_girl_pinkyp_necklace-rbc60fdd3eb234b7992c08bc83fcdd619_fkob8_8byvr_324 cute_girly_goth_girl_accessory_gifts_throw_pillows-r84b87582f134405292d97a693ae3681a_i5fqz_8byvr_324 I have two main stores featuring PinkyP gifts, accessories and home decor.

Zazzle (allows customisation and personalisation of designs)  and RedBubble.

NOTE: I am happy to take suggestions for fashions you’d like to see PinkyP in next so drop me a line!

Sweet LOLITA blue Gothloli PinkyP personalised Serving Platters
LOLITA sweet gothic girl gothloli personalized Service Tray
Girly BLUE Gothic Lolita party customizable Custom Invite
Kawaii Gothic Lolita Saphire PinkyP personalized 3 Ring Binders
Kawaii Steampunk Lolita girly PinkyP Serving Trays
LOLITA sweet gothic girl gothloli personalized Canvas Prints
Sweet LOLITA blue Gothloli PinkyP personalised Poster
LOLITA sweet gothic girl gothloli personalized Posters
LOLITA  fashion cute gothic girl in blue PinkyP Stickers
Kawaii Gothic Lolita Gothloli Emerald PinkyP Display Plaques
Pretty Blue Gothic Lolita Kawaii PinkyP by LeahG T Shirt
Kawaii Sweet Lolita PinkyP adorable pink girl Photo Plaques

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