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funny cat cartoons leahgFollowing on from my post yesterday  declaring my latest obsession for drawing cartoon caricatures of cats I am pleased to introduce Bootsie!

Background – I posted a pic of my own cat’s cartoon caricatures (see left) on a super Cat Group (Facebook) and invited members to post funny photos of their own cats which I may then cartoon for them.

The response has been overwhelming! The first cat to step-forward to claim this offer has so far stolen the show and is a great little character. He’s adorable and has so many funny little habits.

His name – Bootsie!

These are two adorable photos of Bootsie the Kitten alongside the cat cartoon caricatures I drew.

Bootsie walks upright on occasion and I thought he looked like a Zombie in this photo hence the pic of Bootsie the Zombie Cat and his friend Zombie mouse.

cats - Bootsie Zombie cat side by side

In the next pic Bootsie is enjoying a refreshing beverage :) This cat is just too cute!!
funny cat cartoon caricatures

Bootsie’s owner kindly gave me the backstory to this charming kitty cat.
bootsie rescue picsRj MackersI rescued a stray cat we now call ‘Lovey’ last winter.

She was found on my mom’s back porch in search of warmth and food. I took her home and no one gave claim to her and little did I know that in 7 weeks she would bring into this world 6 kitties.

4 I kept plus momma Lovey and 2 kittens went to a great home… here is a picture of Lovey the momma and her kitties.”

Thank you RJ for submitting These lovely pics :)

Meanwhile I am working my way through a mountain of other great cat pics to find some to cartoon.

Below is ‘Ollie’. Ollie enjoys lying across his mom’s keyboard when she’s trying to work and doing what all cats love to do – playing with a mouse! 😉

cat cartoon caricatures funny


I’ve added my cat Snowball’s cartoons to t-shirts which I will buy as soon as Zazzle has a t-shirt Sale on they have sales regularly. Bound to be one for t-Shirts coming soon. I am going to create some fun Xmas Cards too featuring a Christmas version of all my pets! A nice family portrait. :)

I like simple things in life - Funny Cats Life Tee Shirts
Free to Roam cats have more fun - funny cats tee
I like simple things in life - Funny Cat cartoons T Shirt

The next Kitty Cat I plan draw is a ‘Biker Cat’ – stay tuned for that one.

FREE cat cartoon caricatures – how to get yours

*Refer to terms below

I will  continue to handpick from your submitted cat pics to find pics of cats who should be immortalized with a fun cartoon and that will be FREE of charge. It will be a bit of a lottery though as to who I pick to cartoon. Increase your chances by submitting really clear full pics of your cat or kitten doing something really funny and odd. I need pics showing the whole cat ideally so I can get their markings correct when I draw them or you can tell me in writing about anything I shouldn’t miss.

Please submit your cat cartoons in comments below (post an image link) and I will be sure to check through and you may be picked for a free cat cartoon caricature!

If you want a cat cartoon but don’t want to risk winning the lottery ..

*Refer to terms below

If you’d like to request a special cat cartoon of your cat for yourself or for a gift, I have a special offer on till the end of October. £5 per cat cartoon  (no revisions). I would normally charge £20 for cat cartoon caricatures so this is saving of 75%. I am keen to offer it though as drawing your cats is more pleasure than work. I do though have to account for my time if it takes me away from regular work.

Send your request to me at – payments will be via PayPal.

ps. I can also add your cat cartoon caricature to a number of gift items via Zazzle if you’d like me to do so, just ask. :) The gifts are not free but my adding them is. Thanks

I can’t wait to see your super cat pics!! :)


*TERMS: These cartoons (whether they are free or paid by a third party) remain the property of LeahG and cannot be used for commercial purposes except by LeahG. Personal use only and free to share on social media with a link back to this site. These are NOT public domain images. 

UPDATE: More adorable cat cartoon caricatures I have drawn for their owners :)

The cats personalities shine through in their photos and this is what inspires my cartoon portrait of the cats. Below is gorgeous Kitty Cat Chloe guarding her iced donuts! Further down is Zippo who really is a ‘Bad Ass’ cat on his motorbike. :) I love that pic.

funny cat cartoon caricatures portraits funny cat cartoon caricatures portraits